Dofus Touch: Simple Fighting Tips For Newbie

Dofus Touch is a massively multiplayer role-playing game played on mobile. The colorful and playful universe of the title gives it a special atmosphere filled with humor and good humor. Encouraged to join a group of characters, the main mission of the player is to find eggs of legendary dragons that have disappeared for ages. The daily is also marked by many other quests to fill through the vast world of the game.

The fighting holds an important place in Dofus Touch. There are three data that you can not ignore in combat:

AP: These are the action points, displayed in the blue circle
PM: These are the movement points, displayed in green
PV: This is your life, displayed in the red heart

PAs are used to attack. You can attack with your weapon or cast a spell. You can of course not cast a spell if it costs more PA than you have. In order to cast a spell, your enemy must be in the range and not hidden behind an obstacle (unless you have a spell able to get around obstacles). The PMs tell you how many boxes you can navigate. They allow to move during a fight. The PV symbolizes your life bar. If your HP goes down to 0, your character dies.

In addition to the APs needed to carry out the actions, other characteristics must be taken into account for the launch of the spells:

OP: This is the minimum and maximum range of the spell.
Ldv: This is the line of sight. It determines whether or not your spell can be thrown despite the presence of an obstacle
The area of ??effect: This is the impact of your spell in number of boxes. Some spells only affect one opponent, others all opposing opponents in combat. Other spells offer cross-targeting. Finally, some spells take the form of a circle.
The number of throws per turn: determines the number of times you can cast a spell within the same turn.
The restart interval: determines the number of turns required to restart a spell after use.
Tip: Turn on highlighting to see the chances of attacking after moving.

The victory ends in the death of the opponent. Do not have a real impact in Dofus Touch. In case of defeat, your character will take on the appearance of a specter. Then join a Phoenix statue to resurrect.

Dofus Touch